Dragon Boat Festival

2021-05-19 20:34
The Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival was created to promote health and wellness in Cape Breton for people of all ages.The Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival Society is a volunteer run not-for-profit group that organizes an annual Dragon Boat Festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. All funds raised over the course of the weekend are redistributed to wellness related charitable organizations in Cape Breton.
On Saturday, July 27th the ICEAP NS team "The School Of Hard Knockers" joined in the Cape Breton Dragon Boat Festival in Sydney Harbour next to The Big Fiddle. This is the third year ICEAP NS participated as a team in this community event, and we had a good turnout all three years. There were more than 40 people representing ICEAP NS this year, including students, staff, family and friends. Although this is the first time many students rowed during the Dragon Boat race, they enjoyed the races very much and made some local friends. Students also enjoyed the spectacular view of The Big Fiddle and the Atlantic ocean.


Enjoyed the Festival


Liu Xiaopeng
and Jin Wenfei enjoyed the dance


Wang Mei, Liu Yangqing,
and Jiang Yuxuan with other team


Students and Teachers


Cheng Ruofei, Xu Shujie,
Li Jiheng, Zheng Xuefeng,
and Wang Mei with other team


Enjoyed the race


Enjoyed the Festival


Enjoyed the Festival


Enjoyed the Festival


Group Dance


Enjoyed the Festival


The Fierce Race

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