Louisbourg Crab Festiva

2021-05-19 20:36
The snow crab is a species of crab that live in the Northern Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Other names for crabs in this genus include "queen crab" in Canada. Since its humble beginnings in the summer of 1992, the Louisbourg Crab Fesitval has improved and grown stronger each year. It now boasts approximately 5,000 visitors annually during the festival's two-day span.
On Saturday August 3rd, ICEAP NS Student Services Department took over 40 international students to the 21st anniversary of the Louisbourg Crab Fesitval on the Louisbourg Waterfront on Cape Breton Island. Students enjoyed the delicious crab dinners and the wonderful performances. Students also enjoyed the spectacular views of the Louisbourg seaside and downtown. The trip was a great success and created memories to last a lifetime.


Svetlana and Qiu Yuan


Yang Huifang, Zhang Xiaonan
and Wang Lijuan enjoyed the dinners


Wang Mei and Tang Lihong
enjoyed the crab dinners


Students enjoyed the crab dinners


Students enjoyed the crab dinners


Pan Jieyi and Ding Ying
enjoyed the crab dinners


Chen Ziyao, Yang Huifang, Li Hao
and Han Ruida


Students enjoyed the crab dinners


Snow Crab Festival

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