Closely Experience the Cuteness of the Wild Animals

2021-05-19 21:38
Canada is famous for its abundant forest resources and countless wildlife to the world. In Cape Breton, as it occupies a unique geographical advantage with its oceanic climate, you definitely want to down to woods and see those wild cuteness. With the steps of spring are coming, student service department of International Center of EAP organized its new students to the Two River Wildlife Park for a "intimate experience" with the wild animals on May 2.
What really surprised those students was the most distinguishing feature of Two River Wildlife Park --the carriage tour, but the most exciting thing to those international students is that they had the chance to get to see the real and alive arctic fox and alpacas. With the accompany of the professional tourist guide, they had also seen the black bear and wild eagle, and, of course, those cute little otters who were giving people their puppy eyes all the time and the leisurely "chilled" wolves of the park.
Though the weather in early spring is still cold and windy, yet it never influenced the enthusiasm and the passion of those students during the wildlife tour. This activity not only allowed the new students to experience the beauty and the wildness of nature, it also provide a vivid environment for them to enhance their understanding of Canadian culture. We all believe that through the sightseeing of the wildlife park and the communication with the locals, new students had practiced their English expression skills and expanded their vocabulary.


Wang Fei


Group photo of Chinese student

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