The New Approach for Improving Service to Student

2021-05-19 21:40

Since the very beginning of Student Services, ICEAP NS is committed to better serve students, especially helping students in their life experiences in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. In addition to providing excellent performance teaching English, ICEAP NS has been constantly focusing on the life demands of students. For the students who just arrived, sudden changes in eating habits will make many students feel uncomfortable. If they have the opportunity to purchase Chinese merchandise, or even the food material that they require at home, it will be very helpful to satisfy their nutritional needs. Although there exists few Asian Markets, specialty food sources depend on different supply chains. The price and quality of these materials cannot be guaranteed. Students expressed their concern regarding this issue. Also, compared to China, the public transit system is not as efficient as most places in China. This limitation based on traffic and population, students feel this inconvenience when they want to purchase the daily necessities in grocery stores. Therefore, ICEAP NS contacted an Asian Market in downtown Sydney. Through a series of consultations with the market, eventually, ICEAP NS decided to provide a new service approach. As result, regularly scheduled shuttle service for students at ICEAP NS will be provided helping them with purchasing groceries.


Lang, Di


Xu, Wenyan is picking up his favourite food

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