Student Services and Activities

2021-05-19 21:43
The student services department bustles about services of newcomers every enrollment period. These series of activities will help students adapt to the learning process as soon as possible. Focusing on both study and new life conditions, the main purpose of these activities is to meet the needs of students.
The language barrier is very difficult to overcome for most of newcomers, especially the professional vocabulary relating to bank and wireless services. Therefore, the student services department offers escort service for all new students in their conversation with the bank and wireless service providers. Additionally, in consideration of the limitation of transportation, student service also helps new students to purchase their groceries on the day of their registration.
For newcomers, it is important to understand Canadian culture before they get into the real learning process. Through various activities, student service will help them to get along with teachers and classmates, and help them to partake in a different culture.
Also, the grading test here in ICEAP NS is very humanized. Student services will ensure that new students are over their jet lag. In addition to the conventional listening, writing and oral examination, another important segment in grading test that is the audition. In the audition, teachers will judge the average abilities of the students and figure the insufficient skills for improvement in further classes. After a comprehensive evaluation, ICEAP NS will arrange students to their appropriate levels, in order to ensure the students the best learning environment.


Man Jiang doing the Speaking Test


Sample Day


Chief Operations Officer Mrs. Kerrianne MacKenzie
with New Students


Enjoyed the Dinner

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