Cape Breton University Graduation Ceremony

2021-05-19 21:46
Every year in May, we welcome the coming of Spring, and what's more, the coming of Spring Convocation of Cape Breton University. In order to allow those new international students to experience the unique university and societal culture of Canada in advance, the international EAP center's student service department organized a "graduation ceremony sightseeing trip" for several new students on the 10th of May. After the warmhearted welcome talk, the president of Cape Breton University gave all the audience an impassioned speech with his admiration to the graduates of this spring convocation. At the moment when the president finished his speech, a group of honor guard was playing the traditional Scottish music and dressed in the conventional Scottish dresses while leading the graduates slowly walking into the graduation venue.
With the accompaniment of amazing Scottish music, the graduates were called onto the stage to receive their degrees with all the blessing from the presidents and all the teachers according to their phonetic order of names.
From the giant screen of the venue, we saw some of the graduates had their eyes with tears; some of them were so excited that they cheered to all the audiences; and some of the graduates even grabbed their own phones and took pictures with the president on the stage. The excitement was so contagious that every ICEAP NS students who were sitting in the venue could feel it.
On the day of graduation, the rain was pouring outside, but it did not weaken even a little of the enthusiasm of both the graduates and the new students from ICEAP NS, it was such a fabulous experience for them.
Among the graduates of this spring convocation, many of them went to International EAP center for language study as preparation for university before. " It took me fours years to come to the graduation step from ICEAP NS," graduates Chen Xiaoyu says. "It was a nice experience. Now I feel comfortable and really accustomed to the life styles in Canada. After this, I am planning to stay here to find jobs. Although I feel a little complicated and unstable right now, I also looking forward to the new challenges and expecting my new life."


HATM scholarship winner-Zhang Qiang


President and some faculty of CBU


Teng Haichen and Chen Haoyan


Scottish honor guard of CBU

Cape Breton University campus

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