The Positive Thinking From the Community-ICEAP NS Attended "Outspoken"

2021-05-19 21:50
ICEAP NS and its student services are always committed to provide multiple opportunities to students that participate in the community. On May 21th, 2014, ICEAP NS encouraged students to attend the "Outspoken" event which was held by the New Dawn Community Education Foundation. Belonging to the biggest community economic development model enterprises, New Dawn Enterprises LTD and their Community Education Foundation is dedicated to younger generation. "Outspoken" is IDEAS: Powered by Passion by Youth doing spoken for change. IDEAS is about innovation, courage, imagination, passion, action, change, possibility, fearlessness, thinking, and dreaming outside the box. This also fulfills ICEAP NS 's belief.
Event consisted of speech, communication and talent shows. The instructors from New Dawn Community Education Foundation and participants participated in a free discussion, named "How to plan your future".
This successful event not only gave students an excellent place to express themselves, but also laid a good foundation for future cooperation between ICEAP NS and New Dawn enterprises.


International students


Chief Operations Officer Mrs.Kerrianne Mackenzie
with students


The wonderful performance


The wonderful performance

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