The Second Badminton Tournament

2021-05-19 21:52
The late spring of Cape Breton and its beautiful sunshine brightens the recently. On the May 390th afternoon, student services department of International Center for EAP, together with a group of badminton master players, created an intense yet interesting badminton championship filled with sweat and laughter.
We have players from China, Russia and Ukraine, male and female players were separated into two different fields for warm up and competition. Although the nature of this game was not professional, yet all the students who joined this game showed highly motivated and enthusiastic attitude. Not to mention their fast running and dynamic atmosphere all led to the brilliance of the game.
Eventually, the first place of men's champion was taken by the Chinese student-Tang Zhengjie, and the winner of the female team was won by another Chinese student-Zhang Jingyi. The names of these two winners of the tournament will be carved on the trophies of the International Center for EAP.
Chinese student He Xusheng and Ukrainian student Anastasia took the second place of this competition.
We sincerely congratulate to those winning players and thank all the students that participated in the game. While competition could be won or lost, however, as long as you join the game, you are the winner.


Anastasia and Zhang Jingyi


Tang Zhengjie


Aleksandr and He Xusheng


Group Picture

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