The Brilliant Coastline-Cape Breton Island

2021-05-19 22:00
Maybe many of you are not that familiar with the name "Cape Breton" or may even think it is a place in the middle of nowhere. However, the Cape Breton Island has the most breathtaking coastline and tourism sites in the world, also, it was ranked by the National Geography as one of the top five most "beautiful and travel worthy" island all over the world. Across of the 270-kilometers coastline with the trans Canada highway 105, there locates a Canada's first national park-Cape Breton Highlands National Park. With plenty kinds of wild animals inhabiting here, the Cape Breton Highlands National Park also has unique geographical landscape, such as mountains, dense jungles, waterfalls and plateau frost soil. Tourists from all over the world could always feel the beauty of Cape Breton Island regardless the season.
Cape Breton Island is such a wonderland that some local people have picked up a name for their home island, they call it the "Sparkling Diamond Necklace".
Local Cape Breton people like to outing in the woods in weekends, either by cars or hiking around, or some of them may just grab a seat on the red arm chairs on the roadside of Cabot Trail, drowning in the beauty of natural scene.


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