New Student Dinner

2021-05-19 22:15
A journey taking more than 12 hours, to a country which is completely new; this is not only a psychological challenge, but a physiological test of endurance at the same time. Various uncomfortable feelings arise from the climate or jet lag, and if there is be a warm Chinese dish, even if it is just a bowl of rice, it will definitely be a relief to the body and the spirit.
The student services department of ICEAP NS always keeps open communication with students and fulfills what they really need. Specifically, they invite them to a Chinese restaurant. In addition, when it comes to Cape Breton's regional food, many people may not know that this place has the famous Atlantic lobster. Every annual lobster season, even Canadians from western provinces will be attracted to the east coast to taste the unique lobster dinner here. In addition to the need of Chinese food, the school also pays attention to bringing the delicious fresh foods which students cannot get it in China. Through enjoying familiar hometown dishes, or learning together how to open a lobster shell, students chat while eating and make new friends quickly.


Students enjoyed the lobsters


Students enjoyed the lobsters

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