CLUB! - It is the time for "moving moving"!

2021-05-19 22:16
It is never a good way to learn English by just sitting there and reading! Let us have some fun: painting, playing music, doing some exercises. All of these activities have only one true rule: SPEAK ENGLISH!
The whole new season of CLUB programming is coming! Starting from the new semester there will be new expansions. We want it to be happy, healthy, but the most important thing is to speak REAL English! For example, in the sports club students will play badminton, basketball, and even some other strange games. HOWEVER! Rules must be remembered in English. What is the meaning of "Serve"? If you could not speak correct English, you can hardly "blame" your teammate! Like to do some painting? Not a problem, but tell your teacher which kind of color you want: is that violet? Earth brown? Indigo blue?
Since the CLUB program of International center of EAP was incepted, courses here are not only arranged simply but also have more diversifications. More than that, through the combination of these practical applications of teaching methods, our school wants students to train both their body and mind to achieve more effective learning results.


Anastasiia is doing her wall painting


Teacher Gordon is showing the guitar skills
to students

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