Whale Watching Tour

2021-05-19 22:20
With its own beautiful scenery, unique climate and natural landscape, Cape Breton Island is located to the very east coast of Canada. As the media is starting to pay more and more public attention here recently, people around the world are surprised to know that Cape Breton Island had its coastline-Cabot Trail, ranked as the most travel-worthy tourist site in the world. Although the given name is "Cabot Trail", actually it is a coastline highway which lasts for nearly 300 km circling around the island and its 950 square kilometers highland national park. So cabot trail has another fancy name—the pearl necklace of Cape Breton Island.
Since Cape Breton Island is so rich in its ocean resource, there's no point to miss its natural beauty in the early nice fall. On the 15th of September, as the largest international student center in the Cape Breton region, the International Center for EAP organized 5 buses and 6 cars carrying 200 students and school staff, held an exciting "whale watching" at the very north part of Cabot Trail. The whale watching event this time is the biggest event with the most largest budget and groups of participation ever in the ICEAP NS activity history.
The wide range activities on that day included whale watching, interaction with local people, cabot trail tour and puzzle quizes, etc. Although the day was tight, it was filled with laughter and happiness. Students and school staff who took part in the event on that day had not only enjoyed the masterpiece of our mother nature, but also got to see the ocean wild life for their first time.

According to our doctrine of constancy of excellent student service, and as one of the student benefits, there is no charge for all the participated students. Also, taking the unstable weather by the seashore into account, school management team and student service team had prepared lunch and game prizes for every one so that people would not be hungry or bored during the long trip.


Feng, Qianlin


Feng, Qianlin


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