Homestay Plus

2021-05-19 22:35


On Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014, Kerrianne Mackenzie, Chief Operations Officer for the International Centre for EAP, invited all underage (minors) students under guardianship for holiday dinner. The theme for this dinner was to give out blessings for Christmas. Kerrianne prepared gifts and hand-written Christmas cards for all those students participating.
Just as the Spring Festival back in China, Christmas is a major celebration across North America. Many families come together from where they were studying or working as family is the ultimate theme for Christmas holidays. Family members gather together for a traditional turkey dinner and exchange gifts from under the Tree with each other. The decorating of this Christmas tree usually finishes before Christmas Eve, December 24th. Kids firmly believe if they behave well for the whole year, Santa will bring gifts down the "Chimney" to fill their Christmas stockings hanging on the fireplace mantle, their parents prepared for them.
The Homestay Plus program has just been designed for Minors (who are under the age of 19), also for those who are under the guardianship of CEO. Compared to the other competitors, we are willing to offer to our students more care and support with their studies as well as in their personal adjustment to Canadian life styles. As for guardianship students, parents are more concerned for both their academic performance and social interaction. ICEAP Nova Scotia has taken full consideration as to what the students might need being their "study-abroad parents".
This program was selected carefully from our current homestay database. The main criteria being retired seniors whose children are living far away from their home country. This specialty group of people are more patient, and are always willing to contribute more time and energy for our students' success and academic achievement.
Chief Operations Officer from International Centre for EAP, Kerrianne Mackenzie plans to have a monthly event: dinner, movie, skiing trip or anything the Minors would be interested in experiencing. During these social events, Kerrianne will have an opportunity to survey the needs and success of this challenging group of young people. Ultimately, this select group of students will benefit from the social, academic and cultural experiences being planned by ICEAP NS.

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