Christmas Dinner

2021-05-19 22:38
There's nothing more wonderful than a Christmas holiday in Canada. As the winter is so long in here, Canadians will never stand a dull winter, what about you, are you now feeling the fantasy and happiness of the Christmas season like all other people do?
Young people can easily blend in any type of culture and all international students are all well adapted to local Canadian culture quickly. So Christmas holiday is their biggest festival during the year.
Every December, there's a Christmas party held by International Center for EAP while inviting all the students to participate. The party hall will be finely decorated with a guest DJ playing the dancing music, at the same time, students will be served with plenty kinds of local delicacy. The ICEAP NS Christmas party is the carnival that always makes people enjoy the joy of Christmas while letting all the students have a great and fun time!


Cape Breton University campus

P.O.Box 5300, ICEAP NS-1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney,

Nova Scotia, Canada B1P 6L2 



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