Celebrate The Chinese New Year

2021-05-19 22:49
The Christmas atmosphere has gone too long, here we're welcoming another festival-the traditional Chinese New Year. Like we did in previous years, the International Centre for EAP held its Chinese New Year celebration on the 18th of February, which is the exact date of Chinese New Year's eve.
The kick-off show of the celebration is the traditional dragon dance organized by nine volunteers. All of them were dressed in red and moving flexibly with the rhythm, as if they were blend into the dragon and rising the atmosphere with the on-going music.
Following the dragon dance, the hearty dinner courses provided by ICEAP NS were served constantly onto the tables by our staff. While enjoying the delicacy, more shows were going to be displayed on the stage.
In this year's Chinese New Year dinner party, we have traditional Chinese martial arts, which are created by our students, and for the fun and chic part we have students from our music club playing live band and singing. And also, of course, our lucky draw game is with every happy moment we share. With the fulfilled stomach, pleasant atmosphere and happiness from the drawing of the prizes, the ICEAP NS Chinese New Year celebration is going to a happy ending.
Last but not the least, ICEAP NS staff wishing every student in the coming new year with all the best wishes and especially having great academic progresses!


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