Thank- You Letter from a student's mother

2021-05-19 23:05
Dear ICEAP NS Teachers and JJL Overseas Education Inc. staff,
My name is Liu Xinhong. I am the mother of one of your students, Liu LuKai. Today I am writing this letter with a grateful heart.
My son applied to study overseas in 2013. The staff in JJL Oversea Education Inc. recommended some universities and provided lots of useful advices and suggestions to us. My son finally chose the Master Ed. At the University of PEI, but because his IELTS score did not meet the qualification, in September 2014, he went to the ICEAP NS Toronto Campus in order to start his language preparation courses first.
Shortly after my son arrival in Toronto, he had acute appendicitis. Picture how a mother feels when her child gets sick a thousand miles away from her. I was so overwhelmed when my son called me. But then he told me he was being taken care of by his teachers at the ICEAP NS. They took him to the emergency room and accompanied him the whole night. With the good care, my son recovered quickly. Even so, I was still worried. Until my son flew back to China, as soon as he appeared looking happy and dexterous in front of me, I was totally relieved.
Thank you for JJL agent to recommend ICEAP NS, it was such a good school to us, Thank you for all the caring that ICEAP NS teachers provided to my son. After that, I will feel more comfortable letting my son study in ICEAP NS and in Canada. I wish he would have a bright future with his hard work.
Best Regards,
Liu Xinhong
Mother of Liu LuKai


Cape Breton University campus

P.O.Box 5300, ICEAP NS-1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney,

Nova Scotia, Canada B1P 6L2 



DLI # : O19210055012