Our ICEAP NS Sydney Campus students joined "World Students Day" celebrations at Fortress Louisbourg

2021-05-19 23:12
Languages Canada organized in June 12, 2015 a "World Students Day" at Louisbourg National Historic Site. For the second year in a row, students and language education professionals had the opportunity to connect and celebrate their contribution to Canadian and international education and culture.
There were about 130 ICEAP NS international students participating in this celebration. On that day, Fortress Louisbourg looked like a joyful carnival. Some were dressed as British immigrants from the last century working as tour guides, and the ICEAP NS students presented popular acupressure games to the general public. Everyone enjoyed it very much!
Our ICEAP NS student, Yang Yufeng, who had been in the Cape Breton Island for just four months, accepted to be interviewed by the "Cape Breton Post". Yang Yufeng plans to pursue a career in the tourism sector at the end of his three -year stay in Cape Breton, and he said that a a visit to one of Canada's most famous tourist attractions is a must. He expects to visit other island attractions, including the Cabot Trail, in the coming months. He said: "It's a good learning environment for international students. The destinations and how they are presented should all prove valuable when I return to China to follow my career of choice. I want to be an event planner, a hospitality manager of a hotel. I have to start with some low positions but I'm kind of excited about it."
"Different experiences are great to enjoy the history side and learn in a more hands on way," said Monique Cantin, a product development officer for Parks Canada.
World Student Day celebrations were also held in Halifax, Charlottetown, Montreal, Toronto, Niagara, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria on Friday.
The volunteers behind the scenes:
In the early morning of the "World Students Day", the first team of volunteers came to Fortress Louisbourg in order to build the cultural exhibition stands. Once the celebrations started, even more volunteers came to the stage, to represent their countries and to introduce their culture to the visitors.
At the end of the day, the ICEAP NS students and volunteers enjoyed a local specialty - lobster dinner and Kebab. After sunset, everyone set up their tents at the camping area, lit bonfires, had the ingredients in place and had a great time.
What a fascinating night! Everyone was very happy!


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