A trip of Baddeck

2021-05-19 23:17
The student service department of International Centre for EAP organized a group of students to experience some of the well-known tourism sites of Baddeck recently.
Located to the northern shore of Bras d'Or lake, where is the start point and the ending point of Cabot Trail, Baddeck is a popular tourism site to people from all over the world every summer. Baddeck is also the hometown of the great person who invented the telephone-Alexander Graham Bell, and its historic site is located at the heart of Baddeck, which houses a museum commemorating the work of him. After leading our students of seeing the great pieces of pictures of Alexander taken at the old times and the remade models of his working equipment, it is time to go outdoor for some fresh air and sweats.
Anyone who wants just some mild summer hiking but still be able to see the woods and waterfalls, there is a best place near Baddeck, which local people call it Uisge Ban Falls.
Gaelic for " white water", Uisge Ban Falls has a four-kilometer trail which passes through a hardwood forest comprised largely of maple, birch and beech woods. When we went through all the trees, a 16-meter high waterfall jumped into our sights, what a refreshing and peaceful spot.
There are so many places that worth discovering in this beautiful island, and of course, there's more local gourmet that need us to experience as well. International Centre for EAP will try the best of our effort and guide you to adventure and discover more of the beauty of Cape Breton.


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