Exploring the oldest lighthouse in Canada-Louisbourg Lighthouse

2021-05-19 23:18
Remember last time after traveling to the hometown of modern phone inventor-Baddeck, International Centre for EAP staff said they are going to take us for a further adventure to explore more tourism sites in Cape Breton, there we go, ICEAP NS is going to us to Fortress of Louisbourg.
However, we are not going to visit the castle, today we are going to experience another world-famous site of Louisbourg-the Louisbourg Lighthouse.
Located on the sea coast rocks, to the northern entry of Louisbourg port, the lighthouse construction began in 1730 to asset navigation to the louisbourg castle. The first built lighthouse was destroyed in 1736 by fire. the government rebuilt another one with rock as the main material in 1738. The lighthouse that we are seeing nowadays was reconstructed according to the 1738 model.
Louisbourg lighthouse became a world class Canadian historic site as it is the first lighthouse in Canada and ranked as the second on in North America. For decades, louigbourg light house had been a navigation guidance for thousands of ships and navigator, but nowadays, it has become a popular tourism site for visiting and photo taking.
After seeing the light house, ICEAP NS took all the students to the cafe by the fire department of Louisbourg, and enjoyed a meal of freshly-caught lobster.
ICEAP NS sincerely hope that everyone could have a happy summer in Cape Breton with beautiful views and delicious food.


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