With strong support of local government, ICEAP NS has found a new school building

2021-05-19 19:40
Under strong support of the government of Sydney, ICEAP NS found a new teaching building.
When students decide to come to ICEAP NS, prior to entering Cape Breton University (CBU), ICEAP NS provides full service to every international student, including learning, accommodation and activities.
We are currently located on the CBU campus. Starting in September 2011, we will be opening a new satellite campus in the neighbouring town of Glace Bay, only 8 kilometres from CBU. This building, a former high school, is located in the centre of Glace Bay, near shopping areas and bus routes. At present, the building is being renovated, and equipment is being installed. The building is large, and includes anything the students need - not only is it a lovely study environment, it will also enrich the students’ leisure activities. The school auditorium will open to the local community, creating an opportunity for international student to communicate and interact with the local people.


Cape Breton University campus

P.O.Box 5300, ICEAP NS-1250 Grand Lake Road, Sydney,

Nova Scotia, Canada B1P 6L2 


Email: info@iceapns.ca

DLI # : O19210055012