Fiddlers Run

2021-05-19 23:25
Cape Breton's Fiddlers Run has been steadily attracting people from across Canada. This annual charity event offers participants 5 K, 10 K, half marathon, and team-run options. It is also a Boston Marathon qualifying run.
Sydney's former industrial center, Open Hearth Park, provides the starting point for the event. This year over a hundred runners took part, with International Centre for EAP volunteers offering strong support. Whether providing refreshments, offering directions, or cheering for participants along the route, ICEAP NS students played an important role in the events' success.
Now in its 11th year, the Fiddlers Run remains a vital annual charity, attracting people from all over the country, advocating healthy lifestyles, and promoting Doctor's Nova Scotia initiatives supporting health promotion and advocacy. By participating in local activities and events like the Fiddler's Run, ICEAP NS students improve their spoken English and enhance their understanding of the local culture, all while contributing greatly to their new community.


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